Teen surfer nipped by shark at Winkipop

Lachie brown with his surfboard.

A surfboarding teen was nipped by a shark in Victoria, Australia March 9. Lachie Brown, 18, was sitting on his surfboard around 7:30 a.m. at Winkipop on the Jan Juc side of Bells Beach when an estimated 6- to 8-foot long shark popped up. “It came up beside me when I was sitting out there, and I saw it right at my ankle. Its whole body was alongside so I was just slapping at it,” Brown told 9News. The bronze whaler bit Brown’s left ankle and tore a small hole…

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Shark Knocked Surfer Off His Board

A shark knocked a surfer off his board and into the water today in Australia. Around 20 surfers were in the water at Bells Beach when the nearly 7 ft (2m) shark hit the surfers’ board. “I heard the guy scream, he was knocked off his board, there was water thrashing all around him,” caller “Steve” told radio station 3AW. “We all realised there was a shark on him … he started swimming away from his board.” “He was pretty shaken up; everyone out there was shaken up quite a…

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