Searching for great hammerheads the Bimini Adventure p2

no swimming sign warning of bull sharks

We pick back up on our search for great hammerheads in the Bahamas as the group approaches North Bimini Island. At dusk we enter the small harbor of Alice Town. A boat for deep sea fishing is located next to us. We turn on the boat lights and see in the approximately three-meter deep harbor water several large Tarpon. The Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) is highly sought after by sea-anglers for its spectacular battles. Its meat is marketed fresh or salted. In Colombia, the fish are kept in aquaculture. The…

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Searching for great hammerheads The Bimini Adventure p1

Christian_Kemper_Seaching for great hammerheads bimini_2

The weather forecast dictates the departure for Bimini in the morning. From January to April you have the chance to get a great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) to the bait box. Of the instantly recognizable organisms in the animal kingdom, the hammerhead shark is probably among the top three. That distinctive skull design, molded by 400 million years of evolution, gives the large coastal shark its perfectly suited name. But many a tarpon fishing guide in the Bahamas can also instantly identify a hammerhead shark by its tall sickle-shaped dorsal…

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12-year-old bitten by bull shark in Bimini

bitten by bull shark in Bimini

A 12-year-was bitten by a bull shark in Bimini, Bahamas April 5. Shane McConnell and family were visiting family in Florida when they decided to travel to the Bahamas. Shane, whose family is from Scotland, was walking along the Bimini Big Game Pier where fisherman were tossing out fish parts. Unfortunately, Shane lost his balance and fell into the water where an estimated 6-foot bull shark took interest. “I think, when I was swimming, it sort of bit me while I was pulling my legs in, and it came out…

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Video: Lemon Shark Pup Birthing

Video of a lemon shark pup birthing has been filmed in the Bahamas. PI Matt Smukall filmed the tagging of a pregnant lemon shark by the Bimini Biological Field Station Shark Lab located in South Bimini. After the shark lab finished tagging the shark it was released and began swimming away. Mr. Smukall followed the shark and captured the moment a shark pup rocketed out from its mother. The little shark whips back and forth as it learns how to use its’ fins. The experience coincides with a new paper…

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Bull Sharks in the Marina

Today we have a special treat from Mr. Fred Waitzkin. “Look at those big fellas, ” remarked my old friend James Rolle as we sat with feet dangling off a beat-up dock at the Big Game Fishing Club on Bimini, a small island in the Northern Bahamas.  Jimmy and I were staring into the clear turquoise water a few feet below watching two bull sharks prowling between the weathered pilings of the dock looking for something to eat. Each of them weighed between three- and four-hundred pounds. Bulls are pugnacious…

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