What it’s like working on a shark cage diving boat Part 2

Alex_wright_great-white shark cage diving boat_South Australia Port Lincoln Calypso Star charters .5

Alex Wright has been sharing his experiences while working on a shark cage diving boat. In Part One, he told us about cage operations off Seal Island in South Africa. Today, he’s headed to South Australia. “In November of 2016 I traveled to South Australia on five flights, taking some 30 odd hours to get to Port Lincoln. This operation was my first official job working on a boat, so I was a little anxious. “The cages were much larger than the ones I had been used to in South…

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How Cage Diving with Great White Sharks Began Part 1

James Moskito of Great White Adventures

Have you ever wondered how cage diving with great white sharks began? In Part 1 of our series, we look at the history of cage diving with great white sharks. Last October it happened again: A video showed how a white shark broke through the bars of a shark cage in front of the Mexican island of Guadalupe. Not only was it horrible for the diver, but also for the shark. The animal had rammed the metal construction and became trapped. Helplessly, the crew watched as the shark grew very…

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Video of Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Entanglement

The video of a Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Entanglement has been released. We first covered the incident October 14 in correlation with a great white shark cage breach. The Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Entanglement incident happened around September 2. A group with Bluewater Travel had a tense moment with a great white shark. The cage and four divers were around 35 deep when they were circled by a 13- to 15-foot (4.5m) long female great white shark.   The shark approached the upper part of the cage, known as the balcony,…

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