Shark bumps California swimmer; 16-foot great white swims by Boston free diver

Great White shark video Boston MA

Two great white shark encounters were reported this week, one of which closed the waters off Huntington Beach, California. An unidentified 14-year old boy was swimming off the beach August 24 when he saw a dorsal fin cutting the surface of the water. The teenager felt a bump as the shark hit his chest around 8 p.m. and then saw the tail fin as the shark swam away. “Based on the size of the fin, it was likely a juvenile between 5- and 8-feet long,” Lt. Claude Panis of the…

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Woman photographing shark bitten by shark

A woman photographing sharks at Trinidad Beach State Park in northern California was bitten by her subject. The unidentified photographer was among a group of people watching a sick salmon shark swim in the shallows and onto the beach July 15. Once the dying shark was in 2 inches of water, the woman approached it to take a photo. When a wave washed the shark into the woman, it bit her right foot. The 58-year-old woman turned to run, but twisted her knee, which resulted in a second injury. Emergency…

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Survivor TV star has encounter with great white shark

A California woman had a close encounter with a great white shark off the California coast June 25. Julie Wolfe, a world-class outrigger canoe paddler, was offshore of Oceanside Harbor around 5:30 p.m. when something grabbed her new outrigger canoe. “All of a sudden I felt like a car hit me from underneath. Just a BAM! And I knew right away what it was,” the 57-year-old said during an interview with Fox 5. “I think you are just supposed to stay there, but I spun around and I paddled as…

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California video shows sharks being finned alive and beaten with bats

finned threshers shark in California

Graphic undercover video just released shows sharks being fined alive and beaten with bats by fisherman off California. The footage was filmed by an undercover animal activist who posed as a videographer and smuggled hidden video equipment onto commercial fishing vessels.  The unidentified activist was aboard two boats, the Albatro and the Margert O, between December 2016 and December 2017. “I convinced them to let me on and openly film a lot of the routine fishing work that they did, and whenever there was a violation they would tell me…

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Shark attacks in California part 2, Shark versus surfer

Surfing is a symbol of the casual life at the ocean, thus the saying “Life’s a beach.” Although it was not invented in California, it was made famous here. In the 1950s, the Americans had more free time, the gasoline was cheaper and so they spent more and more time on the beach. The surf boom found its climax in the midst of freedom-seeking youth. The commercialization of a subculture was the result of the popularization of surfing. Only by the increased free time of the working population due to…

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Shark attacks in California part 1

People across the globe have always been fascinated by California: The dream of being a Hollywood star, seeing the streets of San Francisco, visiting the blue Pacific and being around the beautiful people! Even the Beach Boys said California Girls are the prettiest girls in the world. Only one thing makes life on the coast of California less pretty for divers, surfers and swimmers—sharks! But according to a new study, the risk of a shark attack has dropped sharply. The Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, Death Valley in the…

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Interview with California great white shark attack survivor Grigor Azatian

2017 shark attack bite_Grigor_Azatian_11_24_17_USA_California_Monterey-Bay_Still-Water-cove_great_white_Shark__scar_2

Under a slightly overcast sky on November 24, 2017 Grigor Azatian and his father Armen were diving off the coast of Pebble Beach when he was bitten by a great white shark. The 25-year-old and his father had fished the area before, and Grigor, who had been spearing for 12-years and diving even longer, had just taken a couple of fish. His father wasn’t having much luck, but Grigor knew there were more fish in the area and suggested his father go back down. While floating at the surface Grigor…

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