Three shark bites reported in Florida

shark bites reported in Florida Cody High shark bite wound

Three people in Florida received shark bites over the holiday weekend. The first bite occurred May 25 near the 200 block north at Daytona Beach. An unidentified 12-year-old was standing in waist-deep water around 2 p.m. when he was bitten on the foot. As a precaution, he was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center for treatment of the minor wound. A more serious bite occurred at Coco Beach around 5 p.m. Cody High was playing with his family in water when a shark grabbed his leg. “I was about knee-deep…

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Woman bitten by a shark in Cocoa Beach, Florida

A shark bite has been reported in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Jill Kruse decided to head straight to the beach after arriving in the area from Colorado November 1. The 28-year-old was wading in waist-deep water for about 10-minutes when a shark grabbed her on the right calf. She punched the shark which slapped her in the face with it’s fin before releasing it’s grip leaving a terrible wound. Other beach goers and family members assisted the badly injured Kruse out of the water. She was taken to Holmes Regional Medical…

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