Shark jumps into raft injures two teens in South Carolina?

Two teens were injured by a shark in DeBordieu, South Carolina July 29. Both 12-year-old girls were floating together off DeBordieu Beach near Pioneer Loop when a small shark somehow jumped into their raft. The species of shark could not be identified. The estimated 3- to 4-foot shark was thrashing about, in its attempt to leave the raft, causing minor injuries to one girl while biting the other girl’s thigh. The two were able to make it back to the beach and were treated on scene by Midway Fire Rescue.…

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Shark Bite reported in South Carolina


A shark bite has been reported in South Carolina on April 20. An unidentified man was on his morning swim at DeBordieu Beach when he felt something bite his left foot. He was able to kick his foot to free and swim back to shore. Midway Fire Rescue was notified of the incident at 8:50 a.m. and responded to the scene. The man’s non-life threatening injury was consistent with a shark bite and he was taken to Georgetown Memorial Hospital for treatment. The injury consisted of puncture wounds and a…

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