Graphic First fatal shark attack of 2018

First fatal shark attack of 2018

The first fatal shark attack of 2018 occurred June 3 off the coast of Piedade Beach near Recife, Brazil. Jose Ernesto Ferreirada da Silva, 18, was swimming in deep water and, based on evidence of the incident, appeared to be alone. Around 4 p.m. life guard Carlos César Santana da Silva warned Ernesto to come closer to shore, but it was too late. A large tiger shark bit Ernesto’s left leg on the inner thigh, removing a large part of his thigh and severing genitalia. Santana quickly leapt into to…

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Fatal shark attack reported in Costa Rica

A fatal shark attack has been reported in Costa Rica. The attack occurred November 30 after Rohina Bhandari and her dive master identified by his last name Jimenez departed their dive vessel to enjoy the waters of a spot known as Manuelita off the remote island of Isla del Coco, about 300 miles off the Costa Rican mainland. As the two ascended, sometime before 2:30 p.m., to a dive safety stop, Jimenez spotted what he believed to be a female tiger shark approaching and attempted to scare it away. When…

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Man dies from Great White shark bite in Australia

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA- Swimmer Paul Wilcox sustained a fatal bite to the right leg by a Great White shark in Byron Bay on the New South Wales coast Tuesday morning.  Paddleboarder Mark Hickey, who was on vacation from Newcastle, saw what he thought was a some seaweed and a turtle, but quickly realized it was blood and a 6 foot shark. Even though the shark was still circling, He waded out through a chest deep gutter onto a sandbar that was about 13 yards from the shore to rescue the victim…

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