Three charged in shark dragging death video

Three men have been charged by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Hillsborough County State Attorney after dragging a shark behind their boat. Michael Wenzel, Robert Lee Benac and Spencer Heintz have each been charged with two felony counts of Aggravated Animal Cruelty, a third-degree felony. Wenzel and Benac were each charged with one misdemeanor count of Illegal Method of Take – Shark, a second-degree misdemeanor. The three men filmed themselves as they pulled the live shark at high speed behind their boat. A post shared…

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Teen bitten by a shark in Brevard County, Florida

2017_shark_attack_bite_Florida_Kaia Anderson

A teenager was bitten by a shark in Brevard County, Florida. Kaia Anderson was surfing off Melborune Beach off of Highway A1A just before dark around 5 p.m. The 14-year-old was just offshore when she felt a tug on her leg. She looked back to see the “arc” of the shark’s jaw and its dorsal fin. She told her friends that she had been bitten and the group caught a wave back to shore. A fisherman carried the Hoover Middle School student to the local clubhouse and she was given…

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Woman nearly looses hand to shark in Florida


A woman nearly lost her left hand to a shark in North Palm Beach, Florida. Susan Peteka was swimming off MacArthur Beach State Park October 23 around 8 a.m. “I was swimming my last couple of strokes, about to get out, and all of a sudden, I remember lifting my arm, and the next thing you know, wham,” she told WPBF News. “I just looked down, I saw two fingers droop immediately,” she said. “I started seeing blood coming out of my radial artery.” The shark had shredded the former…

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Surfer bitten by shark near Juno Beach Pier Florida

A surfer was bitten on the foot by a shark near Juno Beach Pier, Florida. Jason Hartl was south of the pier around 5 p.m. October 23 when he ran into what he thinks was a 3 to 4-foot blacktip shark. “I was like paddling out, and then I was just about to where I wanted to be to catch a wave, and then all of a sudden a shark came up and bit my foot,” he told WPEC. The 17-year-old was pulled into the water, but quickly got out…

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Surfer bitten by shark in Ponce Inlet, Florida

A surfer was bitten by a shark in Ponce Inlet, Florida, September 13. Benjamin Loyd couldn’t resist the Inlet’s deep aqua water and the breaks. The 18-year-old normally surfs at New Smyrna Beach, which is the shark attack capital of the world, but his surfing partner wanted to hit the inlet. Loyd caught a wave around 6:45 p.m. and rode it until it flattened out approximately 25 to 30 yards off the beach in around 4-feet of water. “I just jumped off my board real quick and as I went…

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Florida surfer bitten by shark at Ponce inlet

shark attack warning

A Florida man was bitten by a shark off Ponce Inlet in Volusia County, Florida September 17. An unidentified Melbourne man was in 8-feet of water near the jetty when he felt a sharp pain in his foot. The 28-year-old made it back to the beach around 4:30 p.m. and was treated on scene by the Beach Safety patrol. According to a Beach Safety spokesperson, the man had several severe lacerations to the top and bottom of his left foot and was transported to the Halifax hospital by ambulance. There…

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Watch great white shark off Florida coast

Divers recently got the shark show of a lifetime when they witnessed a great white shark off the Florida coast. Stacey Tucker flew from Arizona to have a chance to dive with sharks off the coast of Jupiter August 22. Tucker and the group had just finished their first dive and were headed to the sunken tanker ship Esso Bonaire III. The Bonaire rests 90 feet under the surface and is known to host both nurse and lemon sharks. As Tucker was filming several lemon sharks, a fellow diver alerted…

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