Video: Great white shark surprises diver; is it real?

Video has surfaced that appears to show the moment a scuba diver is bumped by a great white shark. The footage shows a diver, using an umbilical breathing hose instead of traditional SCUBA gear, swimming along the bottom of the ocean and filmed from behind. As the unidentified diver turns to look to his left, a large great white shark appears over his right shoulder and swims directly toward the diver’s head. The shark opens its mouth, brushes against the diver’s head and swims away. At first contact, the man…

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Great white shark filmed off Florida Coast

Corey Embree_great_white_shark_Florida_Juno_Beach

A great white shark has been filmed off the Florida coast. Dive master Corey Embree was with Calypso Dive Charters when they traveled 3 miles (5km) off the coast of Juno Beach to shark dive on January 1. The group began chumming the waters to attract sharks to the dive site known as the Lemon Drop. After they dropped in a chum box, they jumped in the water descending down to around 80 feet. The group saw several nurse sharks and few lemon sharks just before the great white shark…

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