Video: Hammerhead shark investigates divers


Video has been shared showing a hammerhead shark as it investigates divers off the coast of Florida. The video was posted to Facebook February 3 and features an extremely inquisitive shark. Leigh Cobb and Christian Torres were scuba diving with Calypso Dive Charters when the large great hammerhead came in for a closer look. At first the shark bumps into one diver’s brightly colored fins. It may have been curious about the highly reflective orange fin gliding through the water. However, after the diver’s fin brushed it away, the shark…

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Hammerhead shark filmed off California coast

A hammerhead shark has been filmed 10 miles off the coast of Dana Point, California. A group was out with Reelinn Charters and were catching Yellowfin Tuna and Skipjack when the shark appeared. One of the fisherman used his GoPro to video the shark as it stole fish from their lines. Hammerheads and other sharks, including great whites, appear to be remaining in the waters off the coast of Southern California. Normally great whites migrate to Baja California in the winter. However this year the waters are warmer than previous…

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hammerhead cam

Ever wonder what its like to swim with a hammerhead shark? Wonder no more as Andy Casagrande attached a camera to a sharks dorsal fin and shared the footage on YouTube. One interesting thing I noticed is at the shark seems irritated with the camera around the 1:35 mark and starts to try and knock the camera off. Maybe there is to much drag? Direct link to the video here  

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