*Graphic* Surfer bitten by a shark in Jacksonville Florida

2017 shark attack bite Jacksonville_Florida_Hanna_Park_the_poles_

A surfer was bitten by a shark in Jacksonville, Florida. Justin White was enjoying waves generated by hurricane Maria off Hanna Park which is located near the Naval Station Mayport in an area known as the Poles. As he sat on his board waiting for a wave, an estimated 4 to 5-foot long shark grabbed his lower leg. White was able to make it in to shore and was taken to a hospital in a private vehicle. According to News4Jax, White received 20 stitches to close the wound on his…

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Two People Bitten by Sharks in Florida

Two people were bitten by sharks in Florida this past weekend. Both occurred in Jacksonville near the Mayport Area. The first incident occurred on Saturday, October 29 in front of an area called Mayport Poles. The poles are wood metal-capped markers posted to indicate the Naval Station Mayport’s border. Surfer Derrick Shoup was bitten on his right hand around 1 p.m. The laceration appeared to be minor; no tendons were damaged but he did receive 17 stitches at a local hospital. A second incident occurred October 30, when a 41-year-old…

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