Girl thrown from kayak by great white shark

2017 shark attack bite Normanville_South_Australia_Sarah William_photo_Shark_Watch_South_Australia

A kayaker was thrown into the air by a great white shark off the coast of South Australia. Sarah William was kayaking near her family, who were fishing for squid, off Normanville October 22. An estimated 14-foot (4.5m) great white shark attacked the 15-year-old‘s kayak from underneath knocking Williams and her kayak into the air. “It was like a car had hit her out of the water and then the kayak was launched, and then she was launched out of it into the water,” Sarah’s brother Mitchell Williams told ABC…

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California kayaker knocked into water by great white shark

2017 shark attack bite Bean Hollow State Beach california Pat Conroy

A kayaker had a run in with a great white shark off San Mateo County, California. Pat Conroy and a friend were fishing off Bean Hollow State Beach August 1. The duo had been fishing in the calm water for about an hour when Conroy started cutting up bait. That’s when the shark hit and knocked the retired marine scientist into the water. “It hit like a freight train,” he told the Half Moon Bay Review. “I have the image of the shark’s head, three feet out of the water,…

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Shark bites kayak

Connor Lyon was out around 7:30 a.m. around 500 yards offshore when his kayak was bitten by an estimated 13 foot great white shark. The 22-year-old was fishing for sea bass between Point Conception and Gaviota State Beach on Tuesday when “all of a sudden…kaboom” he told NBC affiliate KSBY  “The shark came up from underneath. It grabbed onto the front end and started thrashing and shaking.” The shark was biting into the font of his kayak he said “I was looking right into his big, black eyes, about an arm’s…

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