Shark attacks kayaker in New Zealand

david lomas shark attack new zealand

A shark attacked a kayaker off the coast of New Zealand October 23. David Lomas was cruising the waters off Takapuna Beach around 9 a.m. when his kayak started shaking.   The investigative journalist and television host for TV 3’s Lost & Found was around 55 yards from shore and alone. “The kayak just started shuddering. It went on for about 10 seconds. My first thought was I’d hit a rock, but it’s a place where I swim a lot in summer and I know there are no rocks there,”…

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Shark bites canoe in New Zealand

2017 shark attack bite_ Matt Kensington _New Zealand

Matt Kensington was taking his new outrigger canoe for a paddle near Tutukaka, New Zealand when a shark popped up. Kensington was around 4 miles from Tutukaka with a group of nine August 26 when he felt a bump. “I took a few more strokes and he must have come up from underneath and bitten the canoe,” he told the New Zealand Herald. The collision caused the roughly 3-foot shark to slap against the side of the boat before swimming off. “It was a hell of a bang. He wasn’t…

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Fisherman Bitten By Mako Shark

A fisherman has been bitten by a shark off the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand on Monday. The unidentified man from Auckland had just brought a Mako shark that he thought was dead on board. When he attempted to remove the nearly 5 foot sharks head, it began thrashing around and bit the man’s foot. The fisherman, who is in his 30s, was taken back to the marina where he was transported to a helicopter landing site.  He was then flown to Middlemore Hospital in moderate condition. The location has…

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Video: Shark Shocked Family

A shark shocked a family in New Zealand Michael Homer and his daughter were playing in the water in the Plenty region of New Zealand. His daughter was hamming it up for the camera as she submerged into the murky waters of Papamoa Beach. After the two emerge from the water, a shark’s fin breaks the waters surface and glides a few feet past Mr. Homer’s right side. Immediately after spotting the fin, Mr. Homer and his daughter head to shore. Even though the shark did not appear aggressive, the…

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Cray fisherman shocked to find great white shark

Two New Zealand fishermen were checking their fishing pots of the coast of New Zealand in roughly 40 feet water. For some reason as they were pulling one of their craypot’s to the surface the boat began listing to the side. The cray fisherman knew something big was on the line, however they were shocked to find a roughly six foot great white shark had become entangled in the pots rope. George Eivers and Daniel McDonald found the shark off the coast of Havelock North between Waimarama and Bare Island.…

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White shark investigates boat motor

 Chris Pom, Adam Ellington and Jack Lucas were out fishing when a juvenile great white shark decided to investigate their boats motor. The friends were off the coast of New Zealand in the Hauraki Gulf when the shark started following the boat staying for around 30 minutes. Lucas said “I saw that big shadow coming to the boat. We weren’t too worried about it.  It was quite a cool experience.” The shark may have wanted a taste of the king fish the friends had caught during their trip. “You…

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