Fisherman Bitten by a Shark in Merimbula

Wobbygong shark bite

A fisherman has been bitten by a shark in Merimbula, New South Wales. Jesse Phillips had hooked a 6-foot (2m) shark around 2 a.m. December 6 and was reeling it in when the shark fought back. As the 20-year-old was attempting to pull the shark into shore it flipped around and clamped onto Phillips’ right hand. The suspected wobbygong shark did not want to let go, and as Phillips attempted to pry the shark’s mouth open, he sustained injury to the thumb and pinky finger of his left hand. Phillips’…

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Shark Attack: Surfer bitten by a Great White shark

surf board bitten by great white shark

A surfer has been bitten by a great white shark off the New South Wales Mid North Coast. On December 1* Colin Rowland was in the water off Seven Mile Beach in the Booti Booti National park around 9:20 a.m. local time when the incident occurred. The 65-year-old suffered puncture wounds to his foot and right arm. Even though his surf board was broken in half and had a large bite mark in it, Rowland was able to swim back to shore. He was treated on the beach before being…

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