Diver bitten by a shark in New Caledonia

Diver bitten by shark in New Caledonia

A diver was bitten by a shark in New Caledonia. The unidentified spearfisherman was near his son and nephew, less than 10 yards off a beach, in Nouville, possibly off Rue Kiolet Nea Galet, January 21. Around 3:30 p.m. as the 40-year-old was sitting in around 3 feet of water when a suspected bull shark approached. The spearfisherman was bitten between his hip and armpit by the estimated 7 to 9-foot long shark. Family members treated the wounds before transporting the man to the Médipôle medical clinic. His injuries were…

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Kitesurfer bitten by shark in New Caledonia

A kitesurfer has been bitten by a shark in New Caledonia on Sainte-Marie Island, Nouméa Pierre de Rotalier was surfing in the Pacific Ocean off Sainte-Marie Island, Nouméa on Thursday. Rotalier saw the shark coming toward him and feared for his life as the shark bit his right heel and board. The 45-year-old told Les Nouvelles-Caledoniennes “It was when I was gybing [turning] that the shark attacked me from behind. I was hit hard”. De Rotalier began swimming toward the shore and was picked up by a boat and carried…

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