11-foot great white steals diver’s fin

2018_shark_attack_Australia_NSW_Callum Stewart

An 11-foot great white shark stole a diver’s fin in Australia January 13. Callum Stewart, Coralie Fleming and Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor traveled to Wollongong’s Five Islands in New South Wales to photograph underwater sea life. The trio anchored their boat and swam toward the southeast side of Martin Island just after 9 a.m. Stewart told Tracking Sharks the group was in the water for around two minutes, roughly 33 yards (30m) from their boat when he dove down to about 16 feet. The 28-year-old felt a blow that bumped him toward the…

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Shark nets have been deployed on five beaches in Australia

dead whale cuaght in net

Shark nets have been deployed on five beaches on Australia’s far North Coast. The department of Primary Industries (DPI) confirmed that the nets were now in place. According to the DPI the nets are placed off shore 1640 feet (500m) from the shore in water that is around 32-39 feet (10-12m) deep. The shark nets do not create a fully enclosed area or barrier, and have a gap at the top around 13 feet (4m) from the top of the net to the surface. The current plan is to have…

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Shark Attacked a Surfer in Ballina

A shark attacked a surfer in Ballina, Australia. Seneca Russ was enjoying the waves of Sharpes Beach off the NSW North Coast today October 12 when he was hit by a shark around 10:30 a.m. “It came up from underneath, hit my board and I fell off, and it just kind of had another couple of goes” Russ told 9 News “It just got onto my board in the white wash, it was kind of thrashing, and luckily it headed off and I started paddling in. “Just a blessing to…

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Boy Bitten By a Wobbeggong Shark

A twelve-year-old boy was bitten by a wobbegong shark in Australia today. The young man was north of Byron bay at First Sun Beach just after midday when he was bitten on the foot. The wound was minor and though emergency personal were not required, his parents did take him to the hospital as a precaution. He should have a rapid recovery from the small puncture wound. Wobbegong sharks are normally docile and usually only bite in defense.  They are extremely flexible and can reach around to bite anyone choosing…

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Ping Shark Tracking Monitoring Stations Placed in NSW

Ping shark tracking stations are being placed around New South Wales. Two are currently active, one at Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay and a second at Sharpes Beach, Ballina.   The stations are designed to pick up special frequency’s emitted from sharks that have been implanted with special acoustic tracking devices. When a shark with the implanted device swims by the buoy a receiver will record the data and alert monitoring crews to the shark’s presence. The information will identify the species of the shark and allow those monitoring the…

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