Man bitten by a shark on the Great Barrier Reef

Man bitten by shark on Great Barrier Reef Matthew Vickers shark bite photo

A volunteer researcher was bitten by a shark on the Great Barrier Reef January 14. Mathew Vickers was volunteering with James Cook University (JCU) researching the recovery rate of coral after a bleaching event on the reef. The group was 37 to 49 miles off Lizard Island in Queensland snorkeling in an approved area. Around 3 p.m. as the group was feeding red bass and cod, a bass took a bit of food and swam past Vickers, who believes the fish was using him as shelter. “It all happened very…

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Spearfishing woman bitten by shark

A twenty-three-year old spearfishing woman was bitten by a shark in the Bahamas on July 4, 2015. Katie Hester was fishing with her boyfriend Max Gluckler, who had just speared two hog fish, off the coast of Port Lucaya. The fish had drawn the attention of two reef sharks. Hester was swimming back to the boat and only had 6 feet to go when she was felt pressure on her leg. At first she believed it was only a friend playing a joke, but then she saw a six-foot-long shark…

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