Shark bites kayak in California

2017-shark-attack_bite_Santa Cruz Fire Department_

A 1-mile radius of coastline has been closed by the City of Santa Cruz after a kayak was bitten by a great white shark. Steve Lawson was paddling off West Cliff and Pelton Avenue July 11 around 11:00 a.m. when he felt something bump his kayak. He looked into the water and saw a great white shark, which bit his kayak and left a 12-inch bite mark. Lawson was knocked into the water and hung onto his kayak,  but never saw the shark again. He was able to use his…

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Boat Bitten by A 15-foot Great White Shark

A boat was bitten by a 15-foot great white shark off the coast of California July 8. Mark Davis was fishing for squid a quarter-mile from the Capitola Beach in Santa Cruz when he was slammed by a great white shark at 6:15 a.m. The shark lifted his small boat about 4 feet out of the water. A nearby fisherman saw the commotion and came to check on Davis. “I heard him go, ‘Holy’—you know—‘It’s a great white!’ We looked in the water and there was a 15-foot great white,…

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