Fatal shark attack reported in Mexico. Gulf of California

A fatal shark attack has been reported in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico on the Gulf of California. On Dec. 18 Nahum Verdugo Aguilera, 35, was diving for mollusks off Puerto Penasco with a group of divers from the vessel Lidia Isabel. Aguilera, of San Carlos, Baja California, entered the water around 11 a.m. and was found floating a few moments later. His two companions saw Aguilera’s gear was damaged as he floated on the water and went to offer assistance. When they attempted to pull him aboard the boat, they…

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Video 15 foot Great white shark in 3 feet of water

2017-15-foot-great-white-shark-shallow-waters-pearson-brothers-dale Pearson

A 15 foot great white shark has been filmed in 3 feet of water off the coast of Mexico. The Pearson brothers spotted the shark in the Sea of Cortez and shared the video on June 3. The two were able to get a close up view of the sharks back and saw two injuries. They theorized that the shark was hit by a propeller and due to the injury; the shark was now forced to hunt stingrays in the shallow water. While they did say the shark was bleeding…

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