What it’s like working on a shark cage diving boat Part 2

Alex_wright_great-white shark cage diving boat_South Australia Port Lincoln Calypso Star charters .5

Alex Wright has been sharing his experiences while working on a shark cage diving boat. In Part One, he told us about cage operations off Seal Island in South Africa. Today, he’s headed to South Australia. “In November of 2016 I traveled to South Australia on five flights, taking some 30 odd hours to get to Port Lincoln. This operation was my first official job working on a boat, so I was a little anxious. “The cages were much larger than the ones I had been used to in South…

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Video: Great white shark surprises diver; is it real?

Video has surfaced that appears to show the moment a scuba diver is bumped by a great white shark. The footage shows a diver, using an umbilical breathing hose instead of traditional SCUBA gear, swimming along the bottom of the ocean and filmed from behind. As the unidentified diver turns to look to his left, a large great white shark appears over his right shoulder and swims directly toward the diver’s head. The shark opens its mouth, brushes against the diver’s head and swims away. At first contact, the man…

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Girl thrown from kayak by great white shark

2017 shark attack bite Normanville_South_Australia_Sarah William_photo_Shark_Watch_South_Australia

A kayaker was thrown into the air by a great white shark off the coast of South Australia. Sarah William was kayaking near her family, who were fishing for squid, off Normanville October 22. An estimated 14-foot (4.5m) great white shark attacked the 15-year-old‘s kayak from underneath knocking Williams and her kayak into the air. “It was like a car had hit her out of the water and then the kayak was launched, and then she was launched out of it into the water,” Sarah’s brother Mitchell Williams told ABC…

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Video: Fisherman battles great white shark over net?


Video showing a fisherman battle a great white shark has been shared on social media. David Wilks was fishing with his son Nic off the coast of Port Pirie, South Australia in December. The commercial fisherman ran into a little snag as he pulled a section of net up. An estimated 10-foot great white shark had bit part of the net and would not let go. The shark had originally swum into the net to dine on the freshly caught snapper. Since great white sharks are a protected species, Wilks…

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Great white shark encounter in Australia

A group of anglers enjoyed a great white shark encounter in Australia. The group of fishermen were enjoying the day around 3 miles (5km) off the coast off Port Broughton in South Australia when the white shark showed up earlier this month. The shark swam around the 19 foot (6M) boat several times. One of the anglers tries to figure out the length of the shark by comparing to the length of the boat. He can be heard on the video saying the shark is “Well, he’s over three and…

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