Florida teen surfer bitten by a shark in St. Augustine

A Florida teenager reports a shark bit him on his hand while he was surfing. Hunter Hylton was hitting the waves July 29 off the St. Augustine Beach Pier with his father Chris Hylton. As the 14-year-old, who was in 5 feet of water, was putting a bright green surf wax in his pocket he says a shark grabbed his right hand. “I think he just like latched on and I kinda like pushed it when he bit. I pulled my hand out of the water and it was just…

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*Graphic* Shark bites surfer’s foot in St. Augustine, Florida


A shark bit a surfer’s foot in St. Augustine, Florida April 12. Kerry Keyton was enjoying the waves on St. Augustine Beach, just south of the St. Augustine pier when she went into the water. “I was off my board in the water and I was trying to get back on my board and something just hit me. “ she told News4Jax. The shark had grabbed the Palatka resident’s right foot (link to graphic image). “It felt like my foot was just like, in a hole, which didn’t make sense,” she said.…

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