Shark bites reported in the UK, South Carolina and South Africa

Several shark bites have been reported over the weekend. The first occurred May 12 at Nahoon Beach, South Africa. An unidentified male was participating in a junior surfing event when he was bumped off his board and bitten by a shark. The surfer was transported to the hospital by private vehicle and apparently suffered minor injury to his side. While the shark bite has made national news, a second more deadly event took place later in the day.  A school-aged teen boy and girl drowned off Eastern Beach, East London,…

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Shark bites surfer in the United Kingdom

2017_shark_attack_bite_ Bantham Beach_ South Devon_ Rich Thomson_United_Kingdom

A surfer was bitten by a shark in the United Kingdom. Rich Thomson has become the first known surfer to have been bitten by a shark in the United Kingdom. The 30-year-old was hitting the waves June 6 off Bantham Beach in South Devon when a small shark latched onto his leg. “I turned round and saw this little shark was on my thigh and wriggling its head side to side,” he told the BBC “I hit it on the head and it swam off. “My hand was cut to…

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Sharks in the UK part 2 (Great Whites in the UK)

porbeagle compared to great white shark

Sharks in the UK part 2: Every where in the world, when people think of sharks, the first image that comes to the forefront of the imagination is the Great White. It is no different for us in the UK. So it’s no surprise that a common question is “does the UK have Great White sharks?” At the very least, it’s worth wondering if they are occasional visitors. It is a question shark enthusiasts, both professional and amateur have been asking for many years. Once upon a time, not long…

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Shark Finning and the UK

Are you just starting to take an interest in sharks? Perhaps you just happened to glance at an occasional article or shark documentary?  If so, you probably have seen very vocal protests against shark finning. Hopefully this article will help you understand why so many people are outraged by this painful business, even if you don’t live in the UK. So what exactly is shark finning? Shark finning occurs when a captured shark has its fins cut off with the body of the sharks being discarded back into the water,…

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450lbs Porbeagle shark caught in British waters

“Porbeagles don’t attack humans but you can have a nasty accident with them like you can a chainsaw and it can give a hell of a bite.” Caught less than one mile off a popular holiday beach in North Devon. I believe Porbeagles are a protected species. Can you confirm? Let me know in the comments. Also we have a special article coming up in the next week or so on British sharks, so be sure to check back. Be sure to check out Sharks in the UK by the…

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Sharks and the UK part 1 Basking Sharks

Sharks and the UK part 1: During the months of April through September, the southern and western coasts of the United Kingdom have the privilege of becoming a hot spot for sharks.  This usually prompts the tabloids in the U.K. to flash headlines across the front pages such as “monster sharks in UK waters”.  As shocking as it may seem it is a gentle giant know as the Basking shark. Basking Sharks are one of the 3 filter feeding sharks with whale sharks and megamouth sharks being the other two.…

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