Video: Large Shark migration off a Florida beach

Florida Shark Migration

Drone footage of a shark migration off a Florida beach has been shared on YouTube. The video, posted on February 10, shows hundreds of sharks swimming off the coast near the Fort Pierce Inlet to Vero Beach.   Jason Griffeth, who filmed the video, said he originally planned on filming boats, then saw the surfers and decided to have a closer look. That’s when he saw the sharks. Most of the sharks are thought to have been blacktips, however some shots of the video indicates there might be larger species swimming…

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Women bitten by shark at Vero Beach Florida

A Woman was bitten by shark at Vero Beach, Florida around noon on Sunday. Mary Macus was around swimming around 100 yards off the beach in front of the Costa d’Este hotel when she was bitten on the thigh. The 57-year-old was able to swim back to shore and ask for help. She was transported to the Indian River Medical Center where she received stitches for several puncture wounds and received antibiotics. Spokesman for the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association Erik Toomsoo told TCPalm, he was “glad it wasn’t any worse.”…

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Man Bitten by Shark in Florida

A man on spring break believes he was bitten by a shark in Florida, on March 11. Daniel Kenny was playing in the waist deep water around 3:30 pm off Vero Beach when he was bitten twice on the right foot. The 19-year-old told WCVB5 “I think I screamed and then I took a couple of steps to run and then it bit me again. That’s when I screamed, I’m bit, I’m bit!” The Boston College sophmore was taken to the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and Heart Institute in Fort…

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