Shark bite reported at Pyramids Beach Western Australia

Noah Symmans Shark bite reported at Pyramids Beach Western Australia

A shark bite has been reported at Pyramids Beach in Western Australia. Noah Symmans was hitting the waves Nov. 11, at the Mandurah surf break. Around 8:40 a.m., Noah sat on his bodyboard waiting for waves. As his legs and fins dangled in the water, he began to feel what he described as ‘super sharky vibes.’ “I was surfing with another mate at a known break in Mandurah and it was fairly eerie vibes, a couple salmon were about, and it was overcast,” he told the West Australian “We were…

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Video: Woman feeds shark, gets bitten

A woman feeding sharks was bitten on her finger. Melissa Brunning was visiting the remote Kimbolton region of Western Australia on a super yacht. On day three of the two-week cruise, the 34-year-old structural draftsperson was the last of the group to step on the partially-submerged swim deck to feed tawny nurse sharks. She was unaware that nurse sharks suck prey into their mouths as she held a bit of bait in front of the six-foot shark. As the shark sucked in the bait, it also pulled in Brunning’s right…

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Teen spearfisherman pokes overcurious shark

ucas Martin _grey_nurse_shark_2018_shark_attack_

A teenage spearfisherman had a tense run-in with a shark in Western Australia. Lucas Martin was fishing with friends off Avalon Point, Mandurah February 2. The 14-year-old speared a cod around 5:30 p.m. when he saw a black shadow coming toward him. “This shadow was fastly approaching me, and it actually turned out to be a shark,” he told The West Australian daily newspaper. “I was really scared at that moment,” Martin said. He knew not to turn his back on the (2 metre) 6-foot long shark that he believed…

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Man bitten by bull shark in Western Australia


A man was bitten by a bull shark in Western Australia January 28. The unidentified man was working on a barramundi fish farm in Cone Bay located in the Buccaneer Archipelago, north of the town of Derby. Around 8 a.m. the 18-year-old was bitten twice on the leg by a medium-sized bull shark. The man was taken to a hospital in Derby where doctors treated the wound on his thigh and lower leg. After receiving initial treatment at the Derby Hospital, the Royal Flying Doctor Service transported the man to…

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Shark bites surfer on the foot in Australia

A shark bit a surfer on the foot January 5 near South Point in Gracetown, Western Australia. The man, only identified as Justin, was surfing before 6 p.m. when a shark took a small chunk from his foot. “We were out the back of South Point and I heard Justin flapping about in the water,” witness Andy Gradisen told Perth Now. Once Justin was back on the beach he was treated by an off-duty nurse. “He put his foot up and he was bleeding quite badly,” Gradisen said. “It was…

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Man bitten by shark in Western Australia

A man was bitten by a shark in Western Australia September 10. The unidentified man was swimming near Point Samson around the Sam’s creek area when he was injured by a shark. He received minor injuries around 3 p.m. and was taken to Roebourne District Hospital and later released.   There have been six other shark related incidents, two of which were shark attack bites including one fatality, reported in Western Australia this year. The first occurred February 25 near Coral Bay off Point Maud. A woman was snorkeling around…

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Great white shark attacks bodyboard

2017_Shark_attack_bite_Western_Austrailia_Great_white_shark_Paul Goff_WA_Police

A great white shark attacked a bodyboard June 11 at Bunbury beach, Western Australia. Paul Goff was waiting for a wave around 9 p.m.  at Casuarina Point when a 13-foot (4m) great white shark shot out of the water. “I saw the grey and the white of the gills and at that point I realised it wasn’t a dolphin,” the 48-year-old told Perth Now. “I had no warning at all that it was there,” he said. “The camouflage colour of the shark – that’s what it’s there for, it protects…

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