Video: Spinner Shark Smacks Paddleboard

A spinner shark smacked a paddleboarder in Florida.

Maximo Trinidad was enjoying the waters off Jupiter coast when he had a strange encounter with a spinner shark.

He was enjoying a lunch break surf session at Corners beach when he caught a nice wave and was making his way into shore.  As he was coming in a spinner shark breached the water just as Mr. Trinidad was passing by.

Maximo Trinidad YouTube
Maximo Trinidad YouTube

The shark bumped into the paddleboard, which knocked Trinidad into the water.  Thankfully he had his GoPro attached to the end of his paddleboard and caught the whole event on film.

The experienced surfer has witnessed spinners breaching before, just never one this close up.

He told ABC News “It was awesome, I was not even scared.”

Trinidad still loves the ocean and will continue going to the beach and paddleboarding.

Spinner sharks primarily feed on bony fish, but have been known to eat squid, octopus, and stingrays. Groups of the sharks have been documented chasing prey as a team. The sharks chase schools of fish at high speed with individual sharks spinning through the schooled prey catching fish as it goes.

Since the sharks are traveling at such high speeds, they will often breach the surface while continuing their spin.

Black tip sharks, which are often related in minor shark bites off the coast of Florida, have also been known to “spin” breach out of the water.

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