Surfer Lost Arm and Leg in a Shark Attack

A surfer lost his arm and leg in a shark attack on Saturday August 27.

Laurent Chardard_shark_attack_bite_LINFO.RE

Laurent Chardard was surfing off Boucan Canot in Reunion Island around 5pm when the incident occurred.

The twenty-one-year-old lost both his right foot and right arm to a suspected bull shark.

He had been surfing with several others at a beach that featured an anti-shark net. However on Saturday red flags had been posted to indicate it was unsafe to enter the water. The flags were raised in part due to a 6 foot (2m) hole that had been discovered in the net. In addition to that, the waves were breaking over the shark net.

Chardard was rescued by life guards and received first aid treatment on the beach before being transported to the University Hospital Bellepierre in Saint-Denis by helicopter. He is currently in a coma.

Life Guard Bertrand Babef, who maned a jet-ski during the rescue, told LINFO.RE  “the Jet Ski was taken and the time I left, we fall into the wave … This is where I break leg and forehead. we tried to get back on the jet and a second wave toppled us. I can despite my injury to recover the Jet and recover my colleague … we are heading straight towards the victim and saw that he was missing a limb, it was a shark attack.”

Even with a broken ankle and injured head, Babef and another life guard were able to aid Mr. Sale. Babef said  “The only words he managed to pronounce the water is. ‘Leave me’, ‘let me’ . (…) He felt die I think But we, that life comes first. Our duty was to bring him back. ”

“I can not blame him for going surfing, even if it puts my life in danger because I can understand.”, Babef added “But when the MNS saying that the flame is red and the threads are not operational, do not go! Stop thinking that you did it to annoy you, the danger is real.”

A nearly 10 foot (2.9 m) bull shark weighing around 440 pounds (200 kg) was caught shortly after the incident.

This is the 55th confirmed shark attack bites of 2016. Five of which were fatal. Twenty-three reported in the US, with fifteen occurring in Florida. Eleven have occurred in Australia, three of which were fatal.

All locations have been marked on the 2016 shark attack bites tracking map.

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