Swimmer dies from shark bite

A 52-year-old* German man was swimming in the Red Sea March 21, when he was attacked by a shark.

The incident took place off Al-Qusair, Egypt where the unidentified man was snorkeling near the bay of Coraya.

A suspected mako shark charged the man and severed his foot.

A witness in a zodiac boat saw the incident occur and went to aid the victim. He saw the shark pull the man under the water and then drug him around 100 yards.

Once the victim surfaced, the man in the zodiac attempted to pull him into the boat. However, the shark hampered the effort by continuing to attack severing the man’s leg below the knee.

This is the third fatal incident of 2015.

The approximate location of the incident has been marked on the 2015 shark bites attack tracking map.

In 2010 there was a rash of shark attacks/bites with one fatal to the North of Al-Qusair at Sharm el-Sheikh resort.

The 2010 Sharm el-Sheikh incident was a series of shark attacks on oceangoers near Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

They began on December 1, 2010, when one Ukrainian and three Russians were bitten by sharks within minutes of each other. A third attack occurred on December 5, when a German woman was killed near the shoreline.

A team of experts were consulted and came to the conclusion that separate sharks, makos and oceanic whitetips, had been involved in the attacks.

Factors behind the attacks included unusually high water temperatures, overfishing and the illegal dumping of dead animals in nearby waters.

*Some sources indicate the victim was 53.

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