Swimmer killed by shark in Reunion island

A swimmer was killed by a shark off Reunion Island.

Talon Bishop, 22,  died after being bitten by a shark off Reunion Island Saturday.

The incident occurred off l’Etang Salé beach on the island’s western coast.

Apparently the area was closed to swimmers due to the presence of sharks and local authorities had just meet last week to see about opening the area back up to nautical activities.

Bishop was swimming with her boyfriend when the shark grabbed her leg and tried to drag her underwater.

She was able to fight back and escape, but had substantial wounds to her buttocks and calf.

Bishop made it back to the beach, where she was taken to a hospital in Saint-Pierre but later died of cardiac arrest.

Based on the wound patterns the species involved was said to be a tiger shark approximately 11.5-feet (3.5M) long.

Direct link to the video which is in French Here

“Following the attack that took the life of a girl of 22 years on Saturday night at Etang -Salé, while she was bathing a few meters from the shore in an unauthorized area, Mayor Jean -Claude Lacouture responded . “The greatest caution,” he insisted. Images: E.Mvé,” The video description states.

The location has been marked on the 2015 shark bites/attack map.

This is the second fatal incident of 2015, the first occurred on On Feb. 9 in Australia.

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