Teenage girl has died after being bitten by a shark


A teenage girl has died after being bitten by a shark in Western Australia on April 17.

Photo: WA Police

Laeticia Brouwer was surfing with her father just before 4 p.m. at Kelp Beds near Wylie Bay in Esperance when she was said to have been drug under water when her left leg was bitten off at the hip by a suspected great white shark.

Photo: Nine News Twitter

According to 7 News Perth reports, the 17-year-old’s mother and two sisters saw the attack from the beach. Brouwer’s father and another teen were able to take Brouwer to the shore and used a surf board leash in an attempt to stem the bleeding. Her mother and an off-duty nurse performed CPR on the beach at Bandy Creek until emergency personal arrived around 20 minuted later. She was transported to the Esperance Hospital in critical condition.

She later died from the injury.

The Department of Fisheries has closed the beach and advised swimmers and divers avoid the water for the next 48 hours. While no drumlines will be installed, they will soon announce some type of shark deterrent measures.

In 2014, surfer Sean Pollard was bitten by a shark in the same area.

The 23-year-old surfer lost his right hand and he left forearm up to his elbow and sustained serious injuries to his legs.

There have been a total of 30 shark attack bites in 2017, 3 of which were fatal*; 14 were reported in the US, with 13 occurring in Florida.  Seven occurred in Australia, one of which was fatal, and one with no injury.

This is the second shark attack bite reported for 2017 in Western Australia.

On February 26, a female snorkeler was bitten on the hand by a 5-foot (1.5m) bull shark. She was approximately 66 feet (20m) offshore of Point Maud when she was bitten.

All locations have been marked on the 2017 shark attack bites tracking map.

*One fatal incident may be scavenge.

Updated 04/18/17

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  1. Nick

    sharks…the ass holes of the ocean. I understand the balance they create. But when we won’t allow people to fish it creates an imbalance. Just like Solana Beach in 2007. Those water’s are protected, you can’t fish…so it’s full of huge game fish and seals…and sharks eat those. Meanwhile, I can’t take one fish for eating from those water. Trestles has had two breaches caught on live cam recently. Meanwhile FUKUSHIMA water reaches the west coast today. SO between tree hugging f*** who wont let me catch fish, and nasty asian nuke run off…the west coast is ruined. Plus it cost 1200 a month for a shit studio. SO I take it back, don’t f*** sharks, let’s f*** the government who allows MEGA sharks too live 20+ years and have a free protected buffet to eat from. The government is all about freebies wether your an illegal immigrant or a shark…we protect everyone but ourselves.

  2. Gregg Smith

    So much for a quiet year, condolences to the family

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