Tiger shark knocks women into water

Terry Lee and Kim Lawrence were paddleboarding Wednesday morning in murky water when a tiger shark bit Mrs. Lawrence’s board knocking her into the water.

The pair were in five to six feet of water when the incident occurred.

“It bit down on her board right here, as you can see all the marks,” Lee told Hawaii News Now. “She falls off and the shark slowly goes this way under her … and she’s struggling to get up so you can’t see if the shark’s got her legs or she’s getting up on her own.”

Mrs. Lawrence actually stood on the shark as she  attempted to get back on her board.

She recalled.“ (I) Felt the shark rub up against me, my thought was, ‘Oh my God … he’s gonna bite my leg.’ My instinct was to kick. So I kicked really hard with this heel … still trying to get on my board to get my momentum…so I stepped right off of his back to get back on my board.”

The shark left a 14 inch bite mark on the board.

This is the third incident this week.  No injuries were sustained and all occurred in murky waters.

The incident has been marked on the 2014 shark attack bites map under interactions.



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