Video: Fisherman battles great white shark over net?


Video showing a fisherman battle a great white shark has been shared on social media.

David Wilks was fishing with his son Nic off the coast of Port Pirie, South Australia in December.

The commercial fisherman ran into a little snag as he pulled a section of net up.

An estimated 10-foot great white shark had bit part of the net and would not let go.

The shark had originally swum into the net to dine on the freshly caught snapper.

Since great white sharks are a protected species, Wilks tried to roll the shark out of the net, but it would not take the hint and continued swimming in circles.  He then decided to encourage the shark with a bump on the nose.  At that point, the shark started biting the net and ended up playing a little tug of war with the fisherman.

The great white looked like it may have gotten some of the net caught in its teeth. Eventually after the fisherman gives the net some slack, the shark opened its mouth and Wilks was able to retrieve his net.

“dad loves sharks, it was all a good laugh, the shark was not hurt at all,” Nic posted on Instagram.

Another interesting great white shark interaction occurred off Mossel Bay in South Africa. The video, which was shared in 2014 features a great white biting the side of an inflatable boat.

Rainer Schimpf, owner and founder of Expert-Tour, had taken a group to watch a sardine run near Seal Island when the shark popped up and took a test bite of the boat.

Sharks have been known to bite boats before.  They use their mouths to ‘feel’ and understand what objects are.

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