Video: Great white shark Eats Fisherman’s catch

Bill Morales was out with his girlfriend off Dana Point California when he landed a leopard shark.

The fisherman had the shark hanging off the side of his kayak, when a new hungry visitor saw an opportunity for a free meal.  A juvenile great white swam up to Morales catch and started chowing down.

Mr. Morals said when the great white bit the leopard shark, he was jerked backwards. He was filming the incident with one hand while holding on to the shark with the other.  He said he had to move his hand back in forth to keep from flipping over.

Photo: Bill Morals KTLA
Photo: Bill Morals KTLA

He estimated the shark weighed around 300 to 400 pounds and was around 8 to 10 feet long.

The great white ate all but the upper portion of the harmless leopard shark.

Some would argue that Mr. Morales should have let the leopard shark go. Had the juvenile white shark been more aggressive it could have knocked the angler into the water. Had that happened, it would have been possible for the shark to bite Mr. Morales.

Just last week a man in South Africa was enjoying the water in his surf-ski, when an adult great white shark bit the back of the ski off. Luckily, the man was with friends and they were able to assist the man back to shore.  Although the shark could be an immediate threat, other bodily responses such as panic and shock could kick. Without a life jacket or other proper flotation device, drowning could be a real possibility.

Mr. Morales filmed the incident on April 20, 2016.

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