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Video: Great white under surfer?

A video of a great white shark apparently swimming under a surfer has been posted on YouTube.

According to the description it was taken on June 23, 2015 at Manly beach in Sydney Australia.

During the short clip, you can hear the surfer’s panicked breath as he slowly paddles toward the shallows.

Once he sticks his GoPro camera under the water, you can see why.

A large great white shark appears to slowly swim underneath him.

Apparently the shark had been circling for a few minutes before the surfer decided to film the encounter.

The surfer acted rationally and calmly, by slowly paddling back to the beach.

However the video could be a fake for shark week, like the one posted last year that appeared to show a bull shark in Lake Ontario.

So what do you think, real or fake?  Let us know in the comments.

Direct link to the video here.




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