Video: Man smokes bowl through baby shark

Man smokes bowl through baby shark

In a strange and disturbing video posted online, a commercial fisherman is shown smoking a bowl hit through a dead baby shark.

Australian fisherman Billy Brislane took a small bull shark and fashioned it into a smoking device.

The bull sharkling had a hole drilled in its skull, where a bowl was placed, and a tube inserted behind its pectoral fin.

As the “Baby Shark” tune played in the background, Brislane took a puff of what he said was tobacco.

Viewers quickly condemned the video and began questioning what the young man was smoking, and if the shark was alive while being used as a bong.

“It was tobacco, I’d happily take a drug test to prove,” he posted on Facebook. “After two nights left in the ice box I came up with the idea. There is no possible way it was alive.”

Brislane is an avid shark fisherman and recently made the news after catching five large bull sharks in one day in the Macleay River, New South Wales.

After receiving death threats and other complaints the angler decided to leave his position as online moderator with the Fried Fishing Facebook group:

Due to the fact of false media that i never got to put a comment in.
I started friedfishing sitting around a fire drinking beers doing dumb stuff and we thought we would start filming it and it grew into a place where like minded people had a laugh and enjoyed it.
I personally talk to alot of guys from my page and have made great friends.
But due to todays recent events i have to walk away from social media my mental health is way more important
Thanks for the laughs guys

However, it looks like he is keeping his unusual sense of humor. His personal Facebook account includes a news article with a photo of him smoking his shark bong with the caption “I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine.”

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