Video: Shark Shocked Family

A shark shocked a family in New Zealand

Michael Homer and his daughter were playing in the water in the Plenty region of New Zealand.

Michael Homer_YouTube_shark_new_zealandHis daughter was hamming it up for the camera as she submerged into the murky waters of Papamoa Beach.

Michael Homer_YouTube_shark_new_zealand_2

After the two emerge from the water, a shark’s fin breaks the waters surface and glides a few feet past Mr. Homer’s right side.

Immediately after spotting the fin, Mr. Homer and his daughter head to shore.

Even though the shark did not appear aggressive, the family did the correct thing by swimming back to shore.

Anytime a swimmer spots a shark it in the water, the best approach is to calmly head back to the beach.

In addition, anyone spotting a shark should alert others in the water and life guards. This helps reduce the risk of a negative shark encounter.

The species of shark is unconfirmed but the tail coloring closely resembles a bronze whaler, though the shape does not match.

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