Video: sharks feeding on baitballs

Three videos have been recently published that show large numbers of sharks feeding on bait balls in Australia.

The first video was filmed by Annette Hill off Australia’s Gold Coast near Coolangatta.

Hill and her partner Scott were out enjoying a day of jet skiing when they spotted seagulls diving into the water.


Yesterday out on the jetski near Cooly. Wondered what the seagulls were up to & found them and lots of sharks feeding off a ball of bait fish

Posted by Annette Hill on Sunday, May 21, 2017

The pair jetted over to the action May 21 and Scott held a GoPro camera under water.

“[I] wondered what the seagulls were up to & found them and lots of sharks feeding off a ball of bait fish,” she said.

Under the water’s surface a large number of sharks and other fish were munching on the bait fish.

“[There were] so many sharks & they were in a frenzy! Scott thought maybe 1 or 2!! I was telling him to hurry up filming or he’ll lose his hand,” she said while adding the experience was a ‘little scary’.

Simon Tocas and his son Jack were also able to capture sharks feeding off Western Australia’s Red Bluff in Carnarvon last week.

The local surfers pulled out their drone and captured the sharks and fish as they swam through the clear water.

The two even decided to have a swim with the sharks and Simon was able to touch one of the sharks on the tail.

While Simon said he felt the sharks were ‘weary’ of the two humans, he did say the swim back to shore was “nerve racking’.

A third video was filmed by photographer Sean Scott.

The landscape photographer had just pulled up to a camp site when he saw a massive baitball rolling through the waters.

Instead of setting up camp, he pulled out his drone and filmed sharks swimming in and out of bait as they filled their bellies.

His wife pulled out her camera and took a stunning shot that was shared on Facebook.

“The whole event was breathtaking and really emphasised to me that sharks are not interested in us, Scott said on Facebook. “Only a few hundred metres away there were over 200 sharks feeding on a huge bait ball. I saw people snorkeling and surfing all around. With a healthy ocean and some common sense the sharks were not even an issue.”

While the images are amazing, if you are in the water and encounter a baitball or see birds diving near you, it would best to calmly and quickly exit the water.  While the sharks are more interested in fish than humans, mistakes do happen.

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