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Video from the WA shark cull

The Western Australian shark cull has set the scene for several gruesome and unjust shark encounters and filming opportunities, however there was one that stood out above all others, featured in the film, is the day we pushed the boundaries.

On March 20th after we obtained the carcass of a dead shark fisheries had just dumped offshore, their usual practice upon processing a shark. But fisheries then attempted to charge us with possession of a protected species and cease our footage. They did not want the images of that day being released. After failing to obtain our SD cards, they told us if the footage from that day were to be released, we would be going to court for obstruction of justice, hence the name of the film.

The WA shark cull is an archaic and disgusting occurrence in Australian waters, it has caught more than 100 sharks, most of them tiger sharks, allot of them either dead, or found alive and destroyed.
The footage in this film is a combination of my own from the 20th when we caught a shark before it hit the ocean floor and filmed it, and a combination of footage from other individuals working to help sharks.
If your footage is in here and you have not been credited please let me know and I will list your name here.




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Edited by Madison Stewart
Script by Madison Stewart, Samantha Thake

NOTE: credit mistake at the end *Andy Corbe* is the correct spelling of the name of one of the footage contributors
Above from Live Leak description

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