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Video: Great white shark scares free diver

A freediver got the scare of his life in Cape Town South Africa.

This man was stalking fish in limited visibility water when with no warning he comes nose to nose with a great white shark.

The shark appears to be scared as it flies away from him  as the man screams through his snorkel.

However, it immediately returns charging toward the diver, but turns away a second time.

The diver shoots to the surface and yells to his friends “great white”, then as he peaks back into the water, the shark is still there.


The man’s dive boat quickly scooted over and picked the diver out of the water with no injury.

With more divers using GoPro cameras, were able to see more encounters.

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One Thought to “Video: Great white shark scares free diver”

  1. Spatchela

    OMGGG!!! That great white nearly ran directly into the guy and then followed him all the way to the surface?!?!???! Abso-lutley insane!! To be honest, I can not imagine how scared dude was.

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