Want to rewrite Jaws?

Have you ever wondered what the iconic movie Jaws would be like if Jaws had won?

What if Jaws was actually just a misunderstood shark that never actually ate anyone until he was attached to a bunch of barrels?

The movie that changed the world’s perception of sharks turns 40 this year and you can rewrite the story, well kind of.

What do I mean by kind of? Well it takes a lot of imagination and some action figures.

For $40 bucks and change, you can preorder your own set of Jaws figures.


Clarktoys.com has a 4 piece set that includes the rich marine biologist Matt Hooper, the local constable Martin Brody, the old man of the sea Quint and of course the loveable Jaws, and as a bonus, it appears to include a scuba tank in Jaws’ mouth.

The only thing missing is a shark cage and the Orca.

So what scene will you recreate?

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