Watch: Spearfisherman fights off sharks to keep fish


A spearfisherman had a daunting encounter with sharks while diving off Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Photo: The Adventure Club YouTube

A member of The Adventure Club, a New Zealand based duo that enjoys hunting and spearfishing, was floating in the water when two sharks began chasing a yellowfin tuna.

The sharks chased the tuna directly into the path of the diver’s pole spear and the battle began.

The diver struck the fish with the pole and it began fluttering in the water. However, one of the sharks was still on a direct course with the fisherman who had to push it away.

Both two sharks began circling the fish and the diver, who now had the fish attached to his spear line.

As the fish swam in circles, the fishing line began wrapping around the diver, who was trying to avoid entanglement while pushing away the sharks.

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After several close encounters with the sharks, the diver pulled out a knife to kill the fish. Before he had a chance, one of the sharks approached the diver and got a poke to the head.

Immediately after killing the fish, the other shark came close to the diver and took a deep stab from the blade

Photo: The Adventure Club YouTube

The diver popped up on the surface to wave for his support boat as he continued to push the sharks away.

Eventually the fishing boat arrived, and the diver was able to safely exit the water.

While the diver did not appear injured, the situation could have been a lot worse. Had the sharks been more aggressive, the diver could have been seriously injured or dangerously entangled in the fishing line.

Just last month Kawika Matsu. was bitten by a shark while paddleboarding around the island.

The 37-year-old was on his board when a shark knocked him into the water.

As he was swimming back to the board, the shark bit his torso.

He sustained a critical injury and was medevaced to the United States for treatment.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Mr. Matsu in hope of raising money for his medical care.

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