Whale Shark Freed from Entanglement

A diver helped free an entangled whale shark off the coast of Mexico in the above.

The shark was seen swimming wrapped up in a rope off Socorro Island, which is part of the Revillagigedo Archipelago.

The video was filmed as part of the Smithsonian documentary Secrets of Shark Island.

whale_shark_entanglement_2The film examines sea life off of the Revillagigedo Islands, which consists of four volcanic islands and is a natural junction in the Pacific Ocean.

The area sometimes refereed to as Mexico’s “Little Galápagos”, is crucial for migrating apex predators.

The islands host a  wide variety of sea life including giant lobsters, moray eels, manta rays and sharks.

Whale sharks are the largest sharks in the ocean and are known for their gentle nature.

They can be found in most warm water seas and have been known to become entangled in derelict fishing gear.

In 2014 a whale shark was caught in fishing gear off Mafia Island, Tanzania.

Earlier this week, reports came out of a whale shark that was caught in a factory ship’s net near Bermagui, off the southern coast of New South Wales

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  1. So, we leave so long and strong ropes under the sea that even entangles Whale Sharks? Who are those people with no responsibilities. It is high time to spread education among folks to save the wonderful ocean life otherwise, the sharks and whales all become stories of the past soon.

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