Indiana teen bitten by a shark in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Jan Wallhauser was vacationing with her family June 21 when she and her three daughters decided to enjoy the water off South Forest Beach. Mrs. Wallhauser was holding onto a pool noodle as three of her daughters, Cassie, Heather and Olivia, rode the large waves on boogie boards. The family group, from Dubois County, Indiana, stood 3- to 4-feet apart in shoulder-deep murky water when a wave rose and lifted 16-year old Olivia’s feet off the bottom. “Then Olivia started to scream,” Mrs. Wallhauser said. Apparently, when Olivia kicked the…

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Ohio teen bitten by shark in South Carolina

2017 shark attack bite Hilton Head Island South Carolina June 18_Reagan Readnour WCMH Ohio_4

A vacationing teenager from Ohio was bitten on June 18 by a shark off Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Reagan Readnour was boogie boarding with several family members on Burkes Beach when she was bitten by a shark. The 14-year-old was in waist-deep water with her feet dangling behind her as she played on her boogie board around noon.  She thought her brother was playing a joke on her by grabbing her leg, but quickly realized it was something else. “I felt a terrible sting and didn’t know what it…

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*Graphic photos* ‘Land Shark’ Bites South Carolina Woman on Hand

2017_shark_attack_bite_ South_Carolina_Awendaw_Mackenzie Higgins_1

A woman has been bitten by a shark off Awendaw, South Carolina. Mackenzie Higgins, 20, was fishing with her family on Bull Island May 31, when her brother landed an Atlantic sharp nose shark that was about 3 1/2 feet long. He was holding the creature by its tail when his sister, a nursing student, reached out to feel the shark’s back. In a flash, the shark spun around and sank its teeth into her right hand just below the thumb. “They’re strong, and their body is like one big…

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Woman bitten by a shark in South Carolina


A woman has been bitten by a shark at Folly Beach, South Carolina. Holly Dyar was surfing around 15 yards off the beach on a longboard when she was bitten on the foot by a four- to five-foot (1 to 1.5m) long shark on April 29. “I was just sitting there thinking, man, it’s so gorgeous” the 33-year-old told WCIV. As she was waiting on a wave around 11 a.m., the shark grabbed her left foot. “I looked at my foot and all the blood started to come down,” she…

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Shark Bite reported in South Carolina


A shark bite has been reported in South Carolina on April 20. An unidentified man was on his morning swim at DeBordieu Beach when he felt something bite his left foot. He was able to kick his foot to free and swim back to shore. Midway Fire Rescue was notified of the incident at 8:50 a.m. and responded to the scene. The man’s non-life threatening injury was consistent with a shark bite and he was taken to Georgetown Memorial Hospital for treatment. The injury consisted of puncture wounds and a…

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Video:14-foot great white shark tagged off South Carolina

A 14-foot great white shark has been tagged off South Carolina. Chip Michalove with Outcast Sports Fishing caught the female shark February 1. The group was 16 miles off the coast of Hilton Head when they hooked the large female. Once the shark was near the boat, it was fitted with tracking devices, but during the tagging, the shark managed to take a bite of the boat. “Just like any animal, they want to get the hell out of town,” Michalove told WLTX19. “You grab anything wild they’re going to…

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Girl Bitten by a Shark in South Carolina

A mother has reported her daughter was bitten by a shark in South Carolina. Heather Williams said the incident occurred while the family was visiting Kingston Plantation in Horry County over the Labor Day weekend.  Several children were boogie boarding off Myrtle Beach, when Rylie Williams said something bit her. The 12-year-old had several lacerations on her right leg. She was treated on scene by lifeguards before being transported to the hospital. Doctors used 25 stitches to sew up the 39 puncture wounds around her leg. Rylie is in the…

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