Track Sharks

Want to live track sharks including great whites?

Below are a few sites where you can actually live track sharks and see where they travel.  A variety of sharks have been tagged including tigers and makos, but the most popular appear to be great white sharks.

Before you begin, you should know there are several different tags used in shark tracking.

Related: view global shark attacks on the 2018 Shark Attack Bites Tracking Map.  SPOT_tag

One tag in particular, the Smart Position or Temperature Transmitting tag (SPOT), has the unique advantage of displaying a shark’s location each time the tag breaks the water’s surface for 90 seconds or more. SPOT tags are placed directly on the shark’s dorsal fin and transmit the approximate locations to satellites. The information is then plotted on tracking maps, where anyone can track sharks to see where they travel.

The information gathered can be used by researchers to understand migration paths, locate possible birthing grounds and, it may even help prevent negative shark encounters.


OCEARCH Global shark tracker: ocearch

You can download the OCEARCH tracking app for iTunes here and Android here


The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Sharktivity Map and App were developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, the Cape Cod National Seashore, and officials from Cape Cod and South Shore Towns. These tools provide information on White Shark sightings, detection, movements, and research to raise awareness and help people and White Sharks co-exist peacefully.
App on iTunes and Android


Dorsal Shark Alerts


The Dorsal shark reporting app pulls reported shark sightings from both official sources and from user reports.

Available on iTunes and Android


Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) logo

Hawaii Tiger Shark Tracker





Guy Harvey Research institute tracking (be sure to click the sharks name to track)



Fish_trackTrack Shortfin mako’s off the coast of California.


Western Australia shark tracker:

Whale Shark Watch

23 Thoughts to “Track Sharks”

  1. Felix Brambilla

    My family and I saw a tiger shark by Alligator Lighthouse in the Florida Keys on Friday at 4:30 PM. We got out of the water and followed him on the boat. I uploaded the video we shot
    It was an amazing experience.

  2. Colin

    I have caught a few hammer heads and Bonnethead sharks off Clearwater over the years! Up to approx 3.5ft and man are they strong and beautiful! Love the page!

    1. Kevin McMurray

      Hi Colin,

      Thanks for the compliment! Hammerheads are awesome sharks. You do have to be careful when you catch them as they suffer from delayed mortality and are prone to stress. Are you tagging them? Thanks again for the compliment!

      1. liam bootsma

        colin is lying dont believe a word he says

  3. Jerry

    I love sharks ! They taste wonderful . If there capable of eating me I think its only fair I get the same chance !
    Really guys chill ! Sharks scare the hell out me . But I do not want to see them go extinct and I appreciate the work you guys do to further the understanding of sharks !

  4. glen folkard

    No articles on us Survivors I see. All about the shark..again. As usual.

    1. Kmac

      We actually have Shark Attack Survivors linked in the Friends with Links page. When we cover a shark attack or bite, we always strive to approach it in a neutral manner, just sticking to facts. The goal is to understand what happened and what, if any contributing factors, may have been at play. We also post interviews with survivors on our Facebook page. In addition, we also always try to share links to gofundme pages or other donation sites, that are set up for survivors.

  5. Brian

    I enjoy ocean swimming (Central Coast CA, USA, N. America, Sol-III/Earth) so this site is relevant and informative! Thank you for numerous useful links also. I don’t think of sharks as threats to me, they live there and I visit frequently, so I will respect their domain. I still like seeing otters and seals around when I go in, means the sharks aren’t too close right now. Get your wetsuit and meet me where the sea meets the land.

  6. Tim

    Ever want to see if there are any around, just bang on the side of your boat, they come cruising if nearby. Don’t recommend it on a surfboard or Kayak, that’s just asking for trouble.

  7. Tim

    Great Whites are usually following Tuna runs in open ocean. They like clean water. Bulls and sand sharks like the murk & waves.

  8. Kmac

    Thanks for your comment. Check out our friends with links, it has several great sites linked.

  9. well i love how they can just track sharks and making sure that they are safe or

    1. Tim

      Just remember, they only have .001% tagged for tracking. But is does show tracking history, like the Bulls, & Tigers are closer to the beach usually.

      1. Kmac

        I was surprised to see white shark Katharine swim so close to shore. I think it was 2014, she came with in the breaking waves of Florida on the Atlantic side.

  10. FreeBirdie


    I LOVE all things shark and have been doing so for about 45 years now! Really enjoyed your site, really appreciated finding all these tracker links in one place!

    I just read your “Shark Week a scam?” I’ve been watching it since year one. I started calling it “the most wonderful time of the year” long before Discovery started using the song in their preview ads!
    I will have to ponder the article. Not sure how I feel yet. Regardless I appreciate your point of view and what is clearly a deep love and respect for sharks. Thanks!

  11. Denny

    I have been intrigued my entire life by sharks…I wish people would stop the slaughter…Another one of Gods creatures driven to the b rink of extinction if it keeps on this way….

  12. Stormfall

    I’ve been surfing for more than 4 years, yet I have never seen a shark. I often wonder if there are some lurking under the waves, yet you can not be afraid. Sharks eat people, people eat sharks, it is the way of the sea.

    1. Tim

      I saw one surfing off Patrick AFB beach, Florida 1979, Conditions were lite rain in June. Saw him a football field away swimming toward me from the south east. I was the only one in the water, and on the beach. I caught the next wave in and stepped off onto the beach. Shark disappeared. Saw my next swimming out the Sebastian Inlet FL, sometimes they can be seen south of there. Can’t really see them unless the water is clear and they aren’t on the bottom. Saw a little one snorkeling in main harbor St Thomas, he was just curious. Lots of Hammerheads in FL, Bulls off Outer Banks, Makos off Long Island, Whites off Cape Cod.

      1. Brian

        I’d be interested to see a map with overlays for species of sharks and their respective territories/past sightings. You gave a nice So. –> No. Atlantic US summary!

      2. Carole

        Didn’t know sharks could surf or snorkel lol 😂

  13. katiaa

    TBFR: sharks are the best in the world

  14. Lovi

    Mahalo for sharing

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