Rare blue shark bites reported in Ireland and Italy

Blue shark bites_Ireland and Italy

Two rare blue shark encounters have come to light over the holiday weekend. The first occurred off the coast of Ireland September 2. Robert Malcolmson, a deep-sea angler from Belfast, was shark fishing off the coast of Cork before 6 p.m. when he hooked a blue shark. As the shark was pulled next to the charter boat Deora De, it began thrashing and bit the 40-year-old on his lower left arm. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) was alerted and launched a rescue boat. Volunteers with the RNLI rendezvoused with…

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*Graphic* Girl bitten by shark in Spain?

shark attack warning

A young girl was bitten by what appears to have been a shark while swimming in Spain. The 11-year-old girl was in the shallow wave zone close to shore off Grao de Moncofa on August 23. She was bitten on the left foot and had several teeth marks left by what is thought to have been a small blue shark. Her father pulled her from the water and lifeguards were able to stem the bleeding until the girl was taken by ambulance to the local hospital. Earlier this year a…

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Overview of paper ‘Bright spots of sustainable shark fishing’

A paper was recently published by Colin A. Simpfendorfer and Nicholas K. Dulvy, aiming to show sustainable shark fishing as a feasible solution to the shark trade crisis. A quarter of shark and ray species are currently facing extinction. Can sharks and rays really be fished sustainably? This report suggests that with science-based management, they can. To use an example species, according to the findings in this paper, 50,000+ tonnes of blue shark (Prionace glauca) are caught in the North Atlantic, 25,000+ tonnes caught in the South Atlantic and 25,000…

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Video: Blue Shark Beaches Itself in Spain

A video has surfaced of a blue shark beaching itself off the coast of Bolnuevo, Spain. Tons of beach goers gathered around the shark and began filming the incident. Thankfully Red Cross personnel were in the area and were able to dispatch a jet ski to the area. Once the jet ski arrived, a rope was attached to the sharks tail and it was drug out to sea. This is not the first blue shark to make news in Spain. Just last month a swimmer was bitten on the hand…

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Shark Bite Reported in Spain

A possible shark bite reported in Spain today July 29. A man in his 40s was bitten on the hand at the Arenales del SolCosta beach in Elche. The unidentified resident of Elche was bitten on the right hand by what is thought to have been a shark. According to a spokesman from the DYA ambulance service, the bite was “serious” and the man was taken to the hospital and will require stitches. The Local es reports the Spanish news agency Efe indicated the injury was most likely caused by…

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6-foot-long blue shark stranded on a Cape Cod beach

A 6-foot-long beached blue shark was discovered yesterday in Cape Cod. The shark had regurgitated its stomach from the stress which is not uncommon as sharks will often vomit their stomachs to cleanse them of parasites or indigestible items (who needs pepto right?).    Although in the wild the proceeds is very quick and the stomach is swallowed with a matter of seconds.   Not sure how well this male will do, but it is possible he may survive. Members of the public attempted to comfort the shark by using buckets…

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