What it’s like working on a shark cage diving boat Part 3

Alex_Wright_behind the scenes cage diving with great white sharks_guadalupe_2

Alex Wright has been sharing his experiences while working on a shark cage diving boat. In part two he told us about cage diving operations off South Australia. Today, he’s taking us to Guadalupe Island “After leaving South Australia in March of 2017, I had gotten home, and somehow lined up a job working as a PADI Divemaster for another cage diving operation based in San Diego, California. The was going to be a new experience for me, as I would be working and living on the board the boats…

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Shark steamrolls swimmer in New South Wales

_Adam Hoare_photo Adam McLean

A shark steamrolled a swimmer in New South Wales, Australia. Adam Hoare was with his son Matthew and Daughter April in Kiama on February 15. The trio were playing in the shallows off Surf Beach, watching large tuna swim through the breakers as they chased small bait fish. Hoare told his children to stay close in the shallow water to avoid the fish. “It was low tide, so it was really nice. It was really shallow pretty much all the way to out the back,” he told the Illawarra Mercury.…

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Protected hammerhead shark pulled onshore in Florida


Video showing a protected hammerhead shark being pulled onshore in Florida has been shared on social media. The video filmed February 8 on Singer Island shows a group of fishermen with a large hammerhead shark. Leigh Cobb spotted the group from her boat and began filming the encounter. “I was screaming at them to get it back into the water because every second that shark is not in the water, that shark is dying,” Cobb told WPBF television. “You could see them trying to get the hook off with these…

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What it’s like working on a shark cage diving boat Part 2

Alex_wright_great-white shark cage diving boat_South Australia Port Lincoln Calypso Star charters .5

Alex Wright has been sharing his experiences while working on a shark cage diving boat. In Part One, he told us about cage operations off Seal Island in South Africa. Today, he’s headed to South Australia. “In November of 2016 I traveled to South Australia on five flights, taking some 30 odd hours to get to Port Lincoln. This operation was my first official job working on a boat, so I was a little anxious. “The cages were much larger than the ones I had been used to in South…

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Snorkeler bitten by 13-foot-long shark

Andrew Phipps Newman 2018 shark attack bite Galapagos Island, Santé Fe

A snorkeler has been bitten by a 13-foot-long shark in the Galapagos Island of Santé Fe. Andrew Phipps Newman traveled to the archipelago to renew his faith after the passing of his husband Damon in 2016. The 45-year-old was on his last group-snorkeling excursion of his holiday February 2 and was heading to film sea lions with his GoPro camera. “We saw small sharks on the bottom and lots of sea lion pups and a turtle; all 16 of us got into two dinghies and our leader said this is…

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Teen spearfisherman pokes overcurious shark

ucas Martin _grey_nurse_shark_2018_shark_attack_

A teenage spearfisherman had a tense run-in with a shark in Western Australia. Lucas Martin was fishing with friends off Avalon Point, Mandurah February 2. The 14-year-old speared a cod around 5:30 p.m. when he saw a black shadow coming toward him. “This shadow was fastly approaching me, and it actually turned out to be a shark,” he told The West Australian daily newspaper. “I was really scared at that moment,” Martin said. He knew not to turn his back on the (2 metre) 6-foot long shark that he believed…

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What it’s like working on a shark cage diving boat p1

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work where tourists go cage diving with white sharks? Here’s an inside view from above the waterline. Working in a place where others spend their holidays is nothing special. Tourist guides, waiters or scuba diving instructors share the same fate: they must toil where other people spend their best weeks of the year. But working on a cage-diving boat for white sharks, like Alex Wright did on three different continents, is something out of the ordinary! Take a look behind the scenes…

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