Shark bite reported off Cape Cod

Shark bite in Cape Code

A shark bite has been reported in Cape Cod August 15. Around 4 p.m. a man was standing around 30 yards off Longnook Beach when he was bitten on the hip area. The 61-year-old was treated on scene before being transported by EMS to a helipad. He was flown to Tufts Medical Center for treatment of several puncture wounds to the leg and torso. The beach has been closed until further notice. Earlier this month, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy captured video of a white shark grabbing a seal in…

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Graphic- Swimmer bitten by shark in Galveston, Texas


A swimer has been bitten by a shark in Galveston, Texas. Blaine Shelton was off Crystal Beach around 10 a.m. when he was bitten on the leg. The 42-year-old was around 200 yards off the beach and close to the second sandbar when he saw a shark’s tale. Around 5 seconds later the shark bumped him and half bite the plumbers leg just above the knee. Shelton began frantically swimming towards the shore with the 5- to 6-foot bull shark following behind. He was treated on scene by emergency personal…

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Shark bite reported on North Carolina’s Bald Island

A shark bite has been reported in North Carolina’s off East Beach on Bald Island. The young, unidentified female swimmer was on a sandbar around 10:30 a.m. on August 5 when she was bitten on her right calf. In a press release, Village Manager Chris McCall said “an individual was bitten by something believed to be a juvenile shark, as assessed by first responders with the Village Department of Public Safety, given the type of wound sustained, which was non-life-threatening.” The girl, who was heard screaming, was rescued by her…

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Tourist killed by shark in Egypt

A tourist has been killed by a shark in Egypt. The body of a man identified as Petr Blesk was recovered August 3 on Marsa Alam Beach. City council chairman General Atef Wagdy told international news agency AFP the 42-year-old died as “a result of an attack by a shark.” Around 3 p.m. the auto mechanic and his family went to a pier leading to deep water from Calimera Habiba beach. “We were all going to bathe. I waited with the little one (their 7-year-old daughter) when the lifeguard brought…

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Video: Florida fisherman who filmed great white bitten by nurse shark

Cody Wabiszewski was fishing near the Bahia Honda Bridge in the Florida Keys. He operates Global Fishing Reports, a site designed for anglers to share information on the best fishing spots and newest gear and had hooked several sharks while targeting tarpon. As a conservationist and engineer by trade, Wabiszewski practices catch and release. He tries releasing unwanted catches so they incur the least amount of stress. Unfortunately, on June 18, one fish bit back. “I will say that I underestimated the shark’s suction power twice that day. First, I…

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Florida teen surfer bitten by a shark in St. Augustine

A Florida teenager reports a shark bit him on his hand while he was surfing. Hunter Hylton was hitting the waves July 29 off the St. Augustine Beach Pier with his father Chris Hylton. As the 14-year-old, who was in 5 feet of water, was putting a bright green surf wax in his pocket he says a shark grabbed his right hand. “I think he just like latched on and I kinda like pushed it when he bit. I pulled my hand out of the water and it was just…

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Fisherman bitten by shark in Texas

deckhand bitten by shark in Texas

A Texas deckhand received a nasty wound from a shark. Mike Ruthenbeck was working as a deckhand on a private fishing charter April 28, targeting redfish and sharks near jetties marking the entrance to Galveston Bay. A member of the group hooked a sandbar shark and began reeling it in. When the shark was brought to the side of the boat, Ruthenbeck, an avid outdoorsman, jumped into action. As he grabbed the leader line, the shark thrashed and bit his left forearm. Recognizing the severity of his deckhand’s wound, the…

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