Great white shark tracked in the Panhandle, and it’s not the first


A great white shark known as Hilton is currently being tracked in the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s not the first time a great white has been tracked in the Florida Panhandle. Hilton is a mature great white that weighed 1,326 pounds when tagged on March 3, 2017 off the coast of Hilton Head, South Carolina. The male shark was caught and tagged by the nonprofit group OCEARCH during their Lowcountry Expedition. Scientists and researchers attached a Smart Position and Temperature (SPOT) Tag to Hilton’s dorsal fin. When the tag…

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Interview with California great white shark attack survivor Grigor Azatian

2017 shark attack bite_Grigor_Azatian_11_24_17_USA_California_Monterey-Bay_Still-Water-cove_great_white_Shark__scar_2

Under a slightly overcast sky on November 24, 2017 Grigor Azatian and his father Armen were diving off the coast of Pebble Beach when he was bitten by a great white shark. The 25-year-old and his father had fished the area before, and Grigor, who had been spearing for 12-years and diving even longer, had just taken a couple of fish. His father wasn’t having much luck, but Grigor knew there were more fish in the area and suggested his father go back down. While floating at the surface Grigor…

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Shark bites known-survivor and bodyboarder in Hawaii

Dylan McWilliams

A bodyboarder was bitten by a shark in Hawaii April 26. Dylan McWilliams was bodyboarding off Poipu Kauai around 7:30 a.m. The island had been under a brown-water advisory due to muddy coastal waters, but had cleared with around 10 feet of visibility. The survivalist took his bodyboard to Shipwreck’s Beach to enjoy the surf where a few others were enjoying the waves. As the 20-year-old was swimming out to catch another wave, he was knocked off his board. “I was in about 15-feet of water and it was pretty…

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Great white shark attacks surfski

2018 shark attack bite Robberg Beach in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa NSRI

A great white shark attacked a surfer’s surfski April 22. An unidentified man was paddling off Robberg Beach in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, around 9:30 a.m. when a suspected great white shark hit the vessel from underneath with such force, it threw the occupant into the water. The 33-year-old man was able to swim to shore and climb onto some rocks. The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) dispatched rescue boats and collected the uninjured paddler and transport him back to his launch site. NSRI also recovered his surfski which had…

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Tourist bitten by shark near Bangkok; shark nets to be deployed

2018 shark attack bite_Werner Danielsen_Hua_Hin_Bangkok_Thailand_cover

A Norwegian tourist was bitten by a bull shark in Bangkok, Thailand April 15. Werner Danielsen was swimming at Sai Noi Beach off Khao Tao Village, Hua Hin when a shark grabbed his left foot. “I was about 100 yards from the land when it was raining. It took three bites and then disappeared,” Danielsen told NTB, a Norwegian news agency*. The Norwegian began swimming back to shore. “It was a long way to land, so it was a tough experience. I was terrified, afraid that the sharks in the…

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Man loses leg to shark in Brazil (GRAPHIC)

Man loses leg to shark in Brazil

A man has lost his leg to a shark in Pernambuco, Brazil. Pablo Diego Inacio de Melo went swimming off Piedade Beach in the northeast coast of Brazil April 15 when he was attacked by a shark. According to friends, the 34-year-old had been warned the area was known for sharks, especially during the rainy season. “It was the second time he went to the beach here; the people who were with him knew the situation . . . he was aware of the risk, that he should not go…

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Two surfers bitten by sharks hours apart in Australia

Two surfers were bitten by sharks in Western Australia April 16. The first man bitten around 8 a.m. off a beach known as Cobblestones, located south of Gracetown. Alejandro Travaglini’s was surfing when a suspected great white shark bit and released his leg. “This thing was a big shark, and it wanted to eat him,” surfer Adam Kennedy, who was in the water at the time, told The West Australian. The shark returned a second time and grabbed Travaglini’s legs and drug him underwater. “He was literally fighting for his…

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