2017 Shark Attack Map (Bites)

shark attack map bites

The 2017 shark attack map provides information on all shark attacks bites that Tracking Sharks is aware of. It can be used in full screen mode by clicking expand in the top right corner.

Once in full screen mode you can use the menu on the left hand side to navigate through individual locations of shark attacks bites. In addition, you can select layers based on the year for non fatal, and fatal occurrences.

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The numbers may look scary, but in reality the number of people entering the water is thousands of times larger than the number of attacks bites. For more information on what you can do to prevent a shark attack bite, visit our Shark Attack Prevention page.

Unfortunately, some media outlets sensationalize some shark interactions as full blown killer sharks on the loose. However, as you see in the map below, shark bites and attacks are not that common. If you notice, the majority of shark bites are clustered on the Eastern coast of Florida. This is due to rough surf which creates limited visibility for the sharks. Of course with surf comes surfers. More people in the water leads to the possibility of more negative interactions.

The map has categories (bites, fatal and interactions) on the left hand side. If you cannot see these in your browser, click on the top right button at the top of the map to open in full screen. Once you click on an article, it will give you the details of the incident.

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All 2017 Shark attacks and bites, pinpointed on an easy to use map below. Includes relevant information on the attack/bite: fatal/non fatal, location, victim.

Click here or the photo below to go open the map in full screen.

shark attack map bites
2017 shark attack bites map


Click to open the 2015 Shark attack bite map, 2014 Shark attack bite map or the 2013 Shark attack bites map in a new window.

We hope you enjoy using the 2017 shark attack map. Shark attack bite locations are mapped using the best information possible.

Reports from remote regions and shared via different languages have been gathered using translators.  Due to this, the exact spot of the incident may not be 100% correct. If you see any corrections, please feel free to contact Tracking Sharks. This map is for informational use only.
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