What it’s like working on a shark cage diving boat Part 3

Alex_Wright_behind the scenes cage diving with great white sharks_guadalupe_2

Alex Wright has been sharing his experiences while working on a shark cage diving boat. In part two he told us about cage diving operations off South Australia. Today, he’s taking us to Guadalupe Island “After leaving South Australia in March of 2017, I had gotten home, and somehow lined up a job working as a PADI Divemaster for another cage diving operation based in San Diego, California. The was going to be a new experience for me, as I would be working and living on the board the boats…

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What it’s like working on a shark cage diving boat Part 2

Alex_wright_great-white shark cage diving boat_South Australia Port Lincoln Calypso Star charters .5

Alex Wright has been sharing his experiences while working on a shark cage diving boat. In Part One, he told us about cage operations off Seal Island in South Africa. Today, he’s headed to South Australia. “In November of 2016 I traveled to South Australia on five flights, taking some 30 odd hours to get to Port Lincoln. This operation was my first official job working on a boat, so I was a little anxious. “The cages were much larger than the ones I had been used to in South…

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What it’s like working on a shark cage diving boat p1

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work where tourists go cage diving with white sharks? Here’s an inside view from above the waterline. Working in a place where others spend their holidays is nothing special. Tourist guides, waiters or scuba diving instructors share the same fate: they must toil where other people spend their best weeks of the year. But working on a cage-diving boat for white sharks, like Alex Wright did on three different continents, is something out of the ordinary! Take a look behind the scenes…

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11-foot great white steals diver’s fin

2018_shark_attack_Australia_NSW_Callum Stewart

An 11-foot great white shark stole a diver’s fin in Australia January 13. Callum Stewart, Coralie Fleming and Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor traveled to Wollongong’s Five Islands in New South Wales to photograph underwater sea life. The trio anchored their boat and swam toward the southeast side of Martin Island just after 9 a.m. Stewart told Tracking Sharks the group was in the water for around two minutes, roughly 33 yards (30m) from their boat when he dove down to about 16 feet. The 28-year-old felt a blow that bumped him toward the…

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Video: Great white shark surprises diver; is it real?

Video has surfaced that appears to show the moment a scuba diver is bumped by a great white shark. The footage shows a diver, using an umbilical breathing hose instead of traditional SCUBA gear, swimming along the bottom of the ocean and filmed from behind. As the unidentified diver turns to look to his left, a large great white shark appears over his right shoulder and swims directly toward the diver’s head. The shark opens its mouth, brushes against the diver’s head and swims away. At first contact, the man…

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Spearfisherman attacked by great white shark in California

A spearfisherman was bitten by a great white shark in California November 24. Grigor Azatian was fishing with his father off Monterey Bay in Still Water Cove on Friday afternoon. The experienced fisherman had speared three fish and pointed his father Armen, who was hadn’t taken any fish to a better spot. Grigor swapped out his speargun for a camera and dove down to take a few photographs, but resurfaced and grabbed his gun again. When the 25-year-old dove down in search of fish, he spotted a great white shark…

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Girl thrown from kayak by great white shark

2017 shark attack bite Normanville_South_Australia_Sarah William_photo_Shark_Watch_South_Australia

A kayaker was thrown into the air by a great white shark off the coast of South Australia. Sarah William was kayaking near her family, who were fishing for squid, off Normanville October 22. An estimated 14-foot (4.5m) great white shark attacked the 15-year-old‘s kayak from underneath knocking Williams and her kayak into the air. “It was like a car had hit her out of the water and then the kayak was launched, and then she was launched out of it into the water,” Sarah’s brother Mitchell Williams told ABC…

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