Shark attacks in California part 2, Shark versus surfer

Surfing is a symbol of the casual life at the ocean, thus the saying “Life’s a beach.” Although it was not invented in California, it was made famous here. In the 1950s, the Americans had more free time, the gasoline was cheaper and so they spent more and more time on the beach. The surf boom found its climax in the midst of freedom-seeking youth. The commercialization of a subculture was the result of the popularization of surfing. Only by the increased free time of the working population due to…

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Caught by the spell of a myth

Christian Kemper _great-white-shark-cage-diving_3

“The Great White Shark jangles our nerves With a reputation he hardly deserves Neither malice nor spite Will cause him to bite It’s not his fault we look like hors d’oeuvres.” R. Aiden Martin 57 years ago, the publisher of the US magazine LIFE warned its readers in the cover story Look out for sharks from the danger of shark attacks. Not that the total number would be terrible (because it is very low), but of the cruel attack itself. “During 1959 sharks made 11 authenticated attacks on human beings…

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The surf leash tourniquet that could save your life

A surf leash tourniquet that could save your life after a shark attack (or other life-threatening injury) is now on the market. The OMNA leash is the brainchild of surfer, diver and former Recon Marine, Carson Henderson. While between rotations in the Middle East, Carson and several friends went surfing in northern Iraq. The group hired a boat to take them across the mouth of a river in order to reach a good place to surf. However, the river was known to be home to both sharks and alligators. “We…

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Shark attack prevention update

Tracking Sharks has added a new info covering shark attack prevention. The information covers several things that can help prevent negative shark encounters along with information on what to do should you come face to face with a shark. Below is a short excerpt. However, sharks do bite people and there are things you can do to avoid potential danger. Shark attack prevention Do not go into the water if you see a shark. Know the area. Ask lifeguards or locals if sharks have been spotted in the area. Do…

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Investigation: Man vs shark La Réunion shark attacks

Tom Vierus_Bull Sharks

It has happened again: On April 29th, the 30-year-old bodyboarder Adrien Dubosc was killed in a shark attack off the Island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean. The bite occurred at 11:45 a.m. on a crowded beach on the west of the island at Pointe au Sal in Saint-Leu. Apparently, some family members watched the drama unfold. Dubosc went with two friends to the beach. Surfing and bodyboarding are banned in the area because of numerous shark attacks. As well as being an experienced bodyboarder, Adrien Dubosc was part of…

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The Fear Beneath: Why are we afraid of sharks? Part Two

The Fear Beneath Why are we afraid of sharks_christian_Kemper

In Part 1 of The Fear Beneath: Why are we afraid of sharks? we looked at why some humans may have developed a fear of sharks. In Part 2, we dive into some of the misconceptions and reality regarding shark attack. Where are the hot spots for shark attacks? In the U.S., Florida reigns and it wears a well-appointed crown. With 778 confirmed, unprovoked shark attacks from 1837-2016, Florida has no equal for the number of shark attacks, according to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), a global database. That’s…

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The Fear Beneath: Why we are afraid of sharks

Christian_Kemper_why are we scared of sharks_dorsal_fin

Have you ever wondered why we are afraid of sharks? “Shark!”  No other cry for help triggers such an anxiety like the warning of the sinister predator. If you call “Help!” in the city at night, hardly anyone will pay attention. Usually you’re waiting in vain for helpers and civil courage. Even the distress call “Fire, Fire!” won’t rouse much attention. Most people will just give you a brief look and move on. But if you shout “Shark!” on a crowded beach, all hell will break lose within seconds. Why?…

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