Caught by the spell of a myth

Christian Kemper _great-white-shark-cage-diving_3

“The Great White Shark jangles our nerves With a reputation he hardly deserves Neither malice nor spite Will cause him to bite It’s not his fault we look like hors d’oeuvres.” R. Aiden Martin 57 years ago, the publisher of the US magazine LIFE warned its readers in the cover story Look out for sharks from the danger of shark attacks. Not that the total number would be terrible (because it is very low), but of the cruel attack itself. “During 1959 sharks made 11 authenticated attacks on human beings…

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Half-eaten shark washes ashore in Florida

half-eaten shark

A half-eaten shark washed ashore this weekend in Florida. The shark, thought to be a spinner or blacktip, washed up on New Smyrna Beach on Saturday February 18. The shark was thought to be around 5 feet long before being bitten leaving many to wonder what bit off its tail. A Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue who took a photo of the shark wrote on Instagram “I guess there is something even bigger out there.” He is correct about larger sharks off the Florida coast. Great white shark Katherine…

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Sharks Senses 101

Welcome to Shark senses 101, an introduction to the wonderful way sharks navigate through the underwater world. The ocean is a vast, dangerous place. You could even say it’s a dogfish eat dogfish world. Danger lurks behind every rock and every coral. Survival is almost always a matter of seeing them before they see you. Evolution has given many of the ocean’s creature’s natural defences against predators. Some have the ability to hide beneath the sand; others have natural camouflage to avoid danger. Yet sharks have thrived at the top…

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Sharks Killed for Selfie?

Were two sharks killed for a selfie? Dave Thomas, founder of Eco Divers thinks it could be possible. The two juvenile dusky whalers were discovered by a jogger on Wednesday at Northern Sydney’s Dee Why beach in Australia. The sharks had stabs wounds and Mr. Thomas believes they would have been thrashing as they were pulled from the water. He told The Daily Telegraph “These sharks would have put up a good fight. It’s a thrill kill.” He went on to say there have been other occasions where fishermen have…

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Sharks Saved by Coast Guard

A Coast Guard Station South Padre Island patrol boat crew saved sharks from a fishing net. Members of the Coast Guard spotted four Mexican fishing boats over the U.S.-Mexico maritime boundary line off South Padre Island.  As the patrol approached the boats, the fisherman quickly fled the area leaving behind their fishing gear. The Coast Guard began recovery of the illegal longline gear and gilllnets which saved 50 sharks. Unfortunately 5 sharks were already dead. Fish may be caught by gill nets in 3 ways : (1) wedged – held by the…

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