*Graphic*Tourist bitten by a shark in the Red Sea


A tourist has been bitten by a shark off the resort town of Marsa Alam, Egypt. Christine Schachinger, who was visiting from Austria, was snorkeling with a group the morning of August 5 in the Red Sea. An Oceanic whitetip shark was spotted in the water and an alarm was sounded. As the snorkelers were exiting the water, the shark bit Schachinger on her right side just above the hip. The 20-year-old was taken to a private hospital in Marsa Alam for surgery and was listed in good condition. She…

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Spearfisherman bitten by a shark in the UAE

017_shark_attack_bite_Khorfakkan_UAE_Ali Mohamed Al Balochi_2

Ali Mohamed Al Baloushi was spearfishing off the Khorfakkan coast May 12, when he was bitten by a shark, possibly a mako,  sometime after 7 a.m. The 41-year-old, who has been spearfishing for 16 years, had just come up from a dive and was around 10 feet (3m) from his boat when a shark grabbed his leg. Ali Baloushi’s dive buddy Omar saw the shark biting his friend and shot it twice killing it. Omar was able to help remove the shark from Baloushi’s leg and the two tied the…

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Decapitated shark head Found in California

A decapitated shark head found in California has sparked outrage and an investigation. Clay Kirksey was out with a friend at the Newport Harbor Shipyard in Orange County on Saturday, when he saw a group of men approaching in a boat. The 16-year-old thought the men looked intoxicated as they were playing with the sharks head. Link to Graphic image#1 He told CBS Los Angeles “They were biting it, throwing it around, sticking it on their head. It was brutal to see that they’d treat an animal that beautiful that way,” Once…

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Fisherman Bitten By Mako Shark

A fisherman has been bitten by a shark off the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand on Monday. The unidentified man from Auckland had just brought a Mako shark that he thought was dead on board. When he attempted to remove the nearly 5 foot sharks head, it began thrashing around and bit the man’s foot. The fisherman, who is in his 30s, was taken back to the marina where he was transported to a helicopter landing site.  He was then flown to Middlemore Hospital in moderate condition. The location has…

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Diver Meets Mako Shark in The Gulf

Lance Williams met a mako shark in the Gulf of Mexico. He was out with friends on January 24, when the 700-800lb shark showed up. Mr. Williams told WKRG “This big guy was just up from the depths, right on my fin and he came he did kind of a quick you on me and I said, ‘this guy is about to bite me and dear Jesus save me’..and then he did, he curved around and that’s when I was able to yell ‘send me a gun’. You guys gotta…

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13ft Mako Shark Jumped into Boat

A 13ft mako shark jumped into a boat 28 miles off the coast of Fujairah, which is part of the United Arab Emirates. The shark landed in the fishing boat late Sunday night. Emirati sailor Hamza Al Sharaa told The National UAE: “One of our crew members was fixing the fishing rope on the boat when the shark jumped out of the water from his back trying to eat him and, in seconds, it was in the middle of the boat after it hit one of the [sides of the]…

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