Brothers Islands, Egypt shark attack videographer sets the record straight

Brothers Islands Egypt shark attack videographer sets the record straight

A recent video of a shark attack filmed at Brothers Island, Egypt has gone viral in the dive community. Dan White, who filmed the incident, never intended for the video to be released. (The linked video is an edited copy. Mr. White’s YouTube channel was suspended after he filed multiple copyright infringements with the company. The article will be updated once Mr. White decides how to proceed.) The advanced open water diver shared the video with his dive guide but the clip eventually made its way onto Facebook. White was…

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Videos: Two Divers attacked by sharks at same location in Egypt

Video still of a scuba diver bitten by a shark in Egypt

Updated November 13, 2018 Two videos have been shared showing the moment sharks attack divers in Egypt. Both divers were bitten while off Brothers Island in the Red Sea. The islands have about 12 possible dives sites where divers can encounter a variety of shark species including the oceanic whitetip, grey reef, hammerheads and silvertip sharks. Alexander Kraenkl was scuba diving the site June 2018, when he had an encounter with an oceanic whitetip shark. He had been diving for 50 minutes when, on ascent, he spotted a the shark…

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